Innovation in infant nutrition
A Cow & Gate case study

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Page 2: Ethical business

Cow Gate 7 Image 4Ethics are concerned with the dividing line between what is right and what is wrong in relation to behaviour. Business ethics are concerned with making sure that the actions of an organisation are based on morally acceptable behaviour. Within nutrition, ethical considerations include how companies use their patents and the quality of advice that they give to potential customers. Numico is driven by a sense of ethics because:

  • it operates in a sector concerned with meeting health needs
  • it has always placed business ethics as a leading priority.

Numico believes that access to proper nutrition at every stage of life is vital to good health. Numico also believes that it is vital for consumers and health professionals to know as much as possible about nutrition and the nutritional benefit of its products, in order that they can make informed decisions. Many of Numico’s customers are children and adults with special needs in relation to their health and welfare. All parts of Numico therefore give the highest priority to meeting customer needs, to health and safety, and to providing optimum quality standards. For example, Numico requires its suppliers to conform to strict environmental and quality guidelines.

Cow & Gate | Innovation in infant nutrition