Establishing a diversity initiative
A Cummins case study

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Page 8: Evaluating The Diversity Initiative

A key element in implementing the Diversity Initiative has been the year-by-year Diversity Plan. A plan is an important element within any initiative as it provides a guide as to what should be happening and how the initiative should be implemented. For example, the 2000 Diversity Plan set specific objectives across a range of key areas such as:

Visible Diversity

  • give representation on senior staff groups
  • establish recruitment milestones for each part of the organisation
  • define which elements of diversity are being targeted

Management with Multi-Cultural Skills and Competencies

  • promote cross-cultural development experiences appropriate for leaders within the organisation

Skilled Leadership

  • ensure that leaders have undertaken the diversity training
  • introduce pilot mentoring programme

Most Suitable Organisational Culture

  • introduce diversity training for all employees
  • set benchmarks
  • gain recognition for the programme

Inclusive Environment

  • establish Diversity Councils
  • improve the induction process.

Driven internally, the Diversity Initiative is being audited using internal assessment processes.

External agencies also help with the benchmarking audit. They are able to do so by referencing the plan and the diversity objectives. From the outset it was clear that in order to achieve the wider aims, the initiative had to be a long-term commitment to diversity rather than a short-term action. Cummins was voted one of the Top 50 companies for women to work in by Fortune Magazine.

The scheme has significantly changed Cummins's methods of recruitment. The use of the internet has helped to open up more avenues for recruiting diversity. This approach has changed people's perception of Cummins, as well as helping to dispel stereotyped views of the engineering industry.

Decision-takers have come to realise that diversity is not just a social policy, but more a long-term opportunity to improve an organistion's competitive advantage.

Cummins | Establishing a diversity initiative