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A Cummins case study

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Page 2: The delivery channel

The process of manufacturing products and taking them to market involves a series of both internal and external customers, often referred to as the supply chain. This is known as the delivery channel at Cummins. This method of operation is a common feature of B2B companies.

Cummins external customers include the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) who assembles the final product and its distribution network, and, of course, the end customer for the equipment itself. Internal customers include Cummins marketing, engineering and customer support operations and local distributors. Operating globally means that Cummins relies on a highly skilled distribution network to provide sales, aftermarket and service support.

This extended delivery channel involving different organisations raises important issues regarding communications and information. By seamlessly providing these organisations with a linked-up online capability, they can work together as delivery partners to maximise customer satisfaction with both the product and the supporting services provided.

Effective communication therefore enables Cummins to 'push' engines through the delivery channel, i.e. to sell them to equipment manufacturers, and also to 'pull' engines through the delivery channel whereby end customers (e.g. owner-operators and fleet purchasers) prefer equipment specified with a Cummins engine.

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