Online connectivity to meet stakeholder needs
A Cummins case study

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Page 1: Web opportunities

By exploiting opportunities offered by both the Internet and intranet, Cummins has pioneered some innovative methods to enhance communications with its employees and its customers. These online assets are playing an important role in helping the company achieve its aims of:

  • motivating employees to act like owners working together
  • partnering with customers to make sure they succeed

Cummins has established a network of related website portals, hosting important aspects of global business communications, information and support operations. Each of these is configured to reflect the needs of different audiences, covering both internal and external customers.

With this highly valuable online business asset, Cummins has dramatically enhanced the speed of information flow and opened up instant access to key data for employees and customers worldwide, thereby giving itself a major competitive advantage.

Cummins use of Internet and intranet based links enables the company to create connectivity across all aspects of its business, ranging from connections with customers to links with employees. This extensive web-based presence enables Cummins to:

  • reach out to customers of Cummins powered equipment
  • communicate faster, more accurately and more cost effectively
  • communicate across the supply and delivery chain
  • continually update data, e.g. if a product specification changes or a new product launched.

Cummins | Online connectivity to meet stakeholder needs