Powering forward with a new vision
A Cummins case study

Page 1: Introduction

This case study outlines ways in which it is possible to change the culture of an organisation so that it retains what it sees as its strengths while at the same time embracing new ways of doing things that are essential for driving the business forward.

It focuses on how Cummins has developed a shared vision and mission to re-energise the company and unleash the creativity of its employees. This approach recognises that a key part of the process is to encourage employees to 'act like owners working together'.

Like other large international companies, Cummins has developed ways of thinking based on a common culture and a sense of direction. Operating in highly competitive business-to-business (B2B) markets, the company needs to fully utilise the innovative ideas and energy of its employees to remain successful. This study looks at how the process of developing a shared vision better equips the company to be successful in a rapidly changing business environment.

Cummins Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-performance, low-emission diesel engines and power generation systems. Component technology leaders such as Holset turbochargers, Newage alternators, Fleetguard filtration and Nelson exhaust products are also part of the company. In the UK, Cummins has been established for almost 50 years and now operates six highly productive manufacturing plants with a strong export focus.

Cummins | Powering forward with a new vision


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