Using effective recruitment to retain competitive advantage
A Cummins case study

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Page 1: Cummins - leader in the market for power

Operating in B2B markets, Cummins is a leading world-wide designer and manufacturer of high performance diesel engines, electrical power generation systems and related products. The company operates in countries across the globe with annual turnover of around $8.4 billion.

Cummins has been established in the UK for 50 years. Its 6 manufacturing plants located countrywide employ 5,000 people. Like many other companies, Cummins has a vision that gives it a focused view of where it wants to be. It sees itself as 'making people's lives better by unleashing the power of Cummins.' To help it achieve this vision, Cummins has a range of supporting values:

  • integrity: strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do
  • innovation: apply the creative ingenuity necessary to make us better, faster, first
  • superior results: exceed expectations consistently
  • corporate responsibility: serve and improve the communities in which we live
  • diversity: embrace the diverse perspectives of all people and honour with both dignity and respect
  • global involvement: seek a world view and act without boundaries.

It is vitally important to Cummins that the people it employs understand, share and implement its vision and values. This makes recruiting and selecting the right people a strategic function for the company.

Cummins | Using effective recruitment to retain competitive advantage