Using effective recruitment to retain competitive advantage
A Cummins case study

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Page 4: The interview process

Applicants recruited straight from school, college or university may have little or no job experience to draw upon. For these candidates, interviewers will focus on their personal or academic life and will look to identify the qualities known to support development of the looked-for competencies.

As candidates are interviewed, they are awarded scores against all the critical competencies in the profile for the job. Competences are ranked in order of importance. To have any chance of success, candidates must score well on the key competences.

For more senior jobs at technical level and above, a line manager will conduct the interviews, helped by a professional recruiter from Cummins' central recruitment team. Candidates take aptitude tests designed to match their critical competences e.g. numerical, verbal, mechanical, or spatial reasoning. For certain roles, trained interviewers use personality questionnaires. Cummins keeps its recruitment practices under constant review and evaluation.

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