Creating a European branded business
A Dalgety case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Dalgety 2 Diagram 1The move by Spillers into European branding of petfoods should be seen as an important part of the overall strategy of the Dalgety Group of focusing on its best lines, and then concentrating on strengthening and growing each of these chosen businesses.

The Group believes in the cross-fertilisation of skills while at the same time fostering technology to build a competitive edge. Concurrently, the Group will continue to search for new opportunities for its products and brands. A final component of this strategy is a preference to delegate as much responsibility and authority as possible to people nearest the customer. This case study highlights important aspects of this strategy. It has shown how:

  • Spillers has sought to take advantage of market opportunities in Europe by acquiring a key company in order to benefit from growth and resultant synergies.
  • Spillers has used Felix as a model for its European branding strategy in order to expand sales in key countries and to create brand loyalty.
  • Spillers has used decentralised decision making as a means of customising its European brands to meet the requirements of local consumers.

All of these branding changes have required the creation of a new organisational culture. It has been the job of the new team to build one business which is pan European. This has meant having people working together at different levels and empowering them. Collaboration, co-operation and cross-fertilisation of ideas are central to the new business and essential for a multinational organisation.

Dalgety | Creating a European branded business