Growing a company by international aquisition
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Page 5: Organic growth

Organic growth is when a company increases the turnover of the existing business. 

Much of the growth of Sunlight and Berendsen involves organic growth. These businesses are market leaders that have been able to learn a lot from each other and share good ideas and best practice.

As part of the Group, these companies have increased their customers in existing locations, as well as in other areas of the rapidly developing EU market. Trade and living standards in the EU are growing fast.

Large global companies are opening up new sites and they require textile services from Sunlight and Berendsen. Countries like Poland, which joined the EU in 2003, are experiencing growth in key sectors such as manufacturing so more uniforms are needed. New EU legislation also provides an opportunity for Davis Service Group. For example, the need for protective uniforms for industrial workers provides plenty of new contract work for textile services.

Organic growth - building on existing resources - is sometimes the only way to grow. For example, in many Eastern European countries that were part of the former Soviet Union, there are few companies suitable to take over. Most businesses in these countries had previously been government-owned. They had poor equipment and/or had no need to rent out textiles.

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