Welfare to work
A Department for Education and Employment case study

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Page 3: Creating an action plan

All EU countries produce an Employment Action Plan. Its key themes focus on 'Work for those who can, security for those who can’t’ by:

  • raising employment across the EU
  • social inclusion
  • opportunities for all.

The Action Plan’s main aim is to help all people to find work, particularly for those where a long period of being without a job has left them feeling detached from the world of work and cut off from the rest of society. At the same time the Plan helps them to acquire skills that will be attractive to employers.

The government intends to implement the Action Plan through its own departments but also in partnership with other bodies. These include:

  • the Scottish Executive and the National Assembly for Wales
  • the newly created Regional Development Agencies (RDAs)
  • the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Commission for Racial Equality
  • local authorities, trade unions and other representative bodies.

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