Innovation - the route to winning
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Page 4: Knowing customers

Department Of Trade And Industry 2 Image 4Customers are the focal point of an innovative organisation. Organisations today realise that they cannot compete on the basis of their products and prices alone. Satisfying customer needs has become the major tool used by innovative organisations to compete in the rapidly changing markets of the 1990s and 21st century. In many cases a key requirement is to know the customer and the marketplace better than the customer and better than your competitors.

Innovative organisations constantly seek to provide improved products and services which aim to exceed customer expectations. Customer delight is at the heart of this process. Customers today not only want high quality, low cost, good performance and short delivery time, they also demand a high standard of customer service.

The willingness of customers to come back for repeat purchases is often dependent upon how well the organisation builds up a relationship with their customers. This is part of what is called relationship marketing - where an organisation develops its activities which take into account how they affect the relationships with their customers.

In today's markets, innovative, customised products and services, supported by marketing and design are the differentiators that allow companies to win: ('if the product is right, and you deliver what, when and how your customer wants, the world is your oyster').

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