Partnerships with people
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Page 3: How does it feel to work in such organisations?

Department Of Trade And Industry 3 Image 3They become exciting places in which to work because there is always an element of change in the atmosphere. These are companies which enjoy the respect and dedication of their workforce because the employees feel they are respected and trusted. As an operator at Appor Limited said, ‘I love the changes because now you are involved from beginning to end of the planning process.’ This, of course, is one of the secrets - the company involves the employees in all its plans and visions, seeking their input, valuing their contribution and sharing the rewards and good times with them.

It sounds too good to be true! Is it?

Well, it’s true and it’s good - but it’s not easy! Some companies go through very tough times putting these new practices in place but they all, without exception, believe it to be the only way to manage their businesses. What is interesting is that the employees are fully aware of the paradoxes which exist in their companies. They said that working was ‘fun and yet tough’ at the same time. Yet these two seeming opposites sit well together in any organisation that knows where it is going and carries all its people along with it. Other paradoxes which seem to hold are that successful, well managed companies are:

  • demanding yet giving
  • structured yet fluid
  • disciplined yet creative
  • confident yet self-critical
  • supportive yet stretching
  • accountable yet blame-free
  • entrusted yet managed

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