Using planning to construct a better future
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Page 6: Conclusion

The Royal School, Hampstead

Detr 4 Image 5This central London girls’ secondary school has 500 pupils. It is well served by public transport, but car use for the journey to school is high. Congestion in the area around the school is a serious problem, which the plan sets out to tackle. The plan aims to reduce the proportion of car trips to the school by 30% initially over three years and to maintain or further reduce this proportion thereafter. Both staff and students are covered, based on the travel data obtained by a survey. Measures include:

  • encouragement of car sharing , based on an analysis of postcodes of pupils to identify clusters
  • a public transport information pack, distributed at the start of the year, with details of routes,
  • frequency and cost
  • interest-free loans for public transport season tickets for staff
  • secure storage for bicycles
  • part-time car park attendant
  • classroom work on environmental impacts of transport.

A named individual is responsible for co-ordinating the individual elements of the plan. Monitoring progress will take place through repeating the survey annually.

DETR | Using planning to construct a better future