Using planning to construct a better future
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Page 4: School travel plans

Horndean Community School

Detr 4 Image 3This mixed secondary school in Hampshire has over 1,700 pupils and 150 staff. The campus is also open to local people, with a range of community facilities such as sports facilities, a nursery and a playgroup. The local authority has made the development of a school travel plan a condition of planning permission for the school’s extension.

The main objectives of the plan are to reduce the use of the car for journeys to school by 20% over three years, to raise awareness of the impact of transport on the environment and to reduce road casualties.

The plan was based on data from separate surveys of pupils, staff and parents. Questions covered where respondents lived, how journeys were made (both to and from school and for after-school activities), reasons for the choice and what would encourage a switch. The plan set out estimated costs for each proposal, identified a range of sources of funding, and set out a clear timetable including annual monitoring and review. Proposed measures include:

  • establishing a ‘park and walk’ arrangement with a local supermarket
  • providing new lockers, bus bays, cycle parking, and improved signing on site
  • use of school vehicles to transport staff and pupils to and from school
  • improving routes for walking and cycling
  • encouraging car sharing through a database of potential sharers and provision of a guaranteed ride home in an emergency
  • restricting car parking on site with permit scheme
  • providing information about public transport
  • co-operating with other schools in the area on approaches to bus operators, car sharing arrangements and school hours
  • promotion through competitions, leaflets, posters and the school newsletter.

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