Using planning to construct a better future
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Page 3: Travel planning

The Government’s White Paper on the future of transport, published in July 1998, gives high priority to measures to reduce car dependency and traffic congestion, including encouraging the development of green transport plans for businesses, schools and hospitals. These are packages of simple practical measures to encourage the use of alternatives to the car - not just for environmental reasons but also to make transport safer, cheaper and healthier.

Detr 4 Diagram 1For a business a plan might focus on reducing driving alone either to the workplace or while travelling on business, by encouraging car-sharing, cycling and travelling by bus. Measures to reduce travel overall (by teleworking or flexiworking), to encourage more fuel efficient driving, and to encourage visitors and contractors to use greener transport might also be included. For a school, a plan might aim to increase walking, cycling and public transport use through escort schemes, adjustments to the school day, improvements to local transport services, traffic management measures and better facilities for those who walk or cycle (showers or lockers). The right package will depend on the situation at a particular school. Other important features are:

  • a member of staff or group of pupils with clear responsibility for implementing the plan
  • involvement from the Parent- Teacher or Home-School Association and from governors
  • inclusion of school travel issues in classroom work
  • information for parents and pupils about alternatives to car travel in the prospectus, in newsletters and other forms of communication.

This case study focuses on travel plans developed by five different schools in different parts of the country. These schools have responded to local needs and concerns in their own way, so some elements in each plan will not be relevant to your school - but some will be. These are examples to get you thinking, not models which should be followed in every detail.

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