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Dhl 2 Diagram 2Today, the European Union provides business organisations within Europe with a wide market involving 15 countries. Above and beyond this, the European Union has integrated trading links with many of its neighbours, who have negotiated trading links of mutual benefit. Trade and exchange within these areas requires integrated distribution systems which are able to manage a sophisticated and complex series of customer requirements.

DHL offers the best express delivery service, regardless of distance, to its customers in Europe. It stands alone as the global leader and is differentiated from its competitors by placing a consistent emphasis on customer care and an individualised service. With advanced technology and the largest geographical reach, combined with later pick up and earlier delivery times, a wide range of products and services are available. DHL delivers and collects from 60 locations in Europe and is preparing for increased demand in the next millennium by investing $600 million to improve technology and infrastructure in Europe.

The biggest and most advanced hub in Europe is the Brussels Super Hub, often described as “DHL’s gateway to Europe.” Opened in July 1985, as the first fully functional air express hub, it handles distribution and delivery from the rest of the world. The hub doubled in size in 1993 when DHL took over Federal Express’s sorting centre.

The Super Hub currently sorts more than 80,000 packages an hour with over 1,000 employees working around the clock and handles more than 400 tons (110,000 shipments) a night in Europe. Strategically based in Europe, the hub is able to meet the growing demands within the logistics and express field.

Western Europe

As well as its major distribution centres - its hubs, DHL has created a number of Gateways providing links through its hubs throughout the world. Gateway facilities have been expanded and improved in Dublin, Copenhagen and in joint alliance with Lufthansa, DHL has moved into a new purpose built cargo centre in Frankfurt. An urgent parcel or document which is collected before 04.45h will arrive in Frankfurt before the close of business the same day. Alternatively, DHL collects from anywhere in the UK to deliver to major European destinations by the following morning.

DHL was the first air express carrier to explore the East European market. A changing political landscape has meant rapid growth, with DHL offering levels of customer service and operational capability equal to those offered in the West. It led the way in 1983, by opening a Yugoslavian office. Since 1989, $50 million has been invested in Central and Eastern Europe by DHL as a commitment to the growing part logistics has to play. Half of this sum has been used to develop and invest in aircraft, vehicles, staff training and state-of-the-art computer technology. In 1995, a new dedicated line haul to Bucharest, Romania and

Sofia in Bulgaria was introduced. Prague, Warsaw and Budapest saw a significant upgrade and improvement in capacity because of the growth of volumes. DHL has already led the way forward, developing an effective air express network for the fast growing economies of Eastern Europe.

Servicing the USA

In the USA, DHL’s US-based fleet comprises 87 aircraft, including five DC-8 aircraft. In November 1995, a new $20 million international gateway facility was opened at John F Kennedy Airport to serve as the international express network’s largest transfer point for shipments between North America and Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Next-day Worldwide Documents Express and Next-Day Worldwide Parcel Express offers customers requiring the delivery of documents and packages from the UK to the US a next day door-to-door service to the USA.

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