On-line shopping
A Dixons Group case study

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Page 4: On-line shopping

Dixons Group 7 Image 5Many consumers approach on-line shopping with some apprehension. It is vital, therefore, that the experience is as user-friendly as possible. To reassure customers the Dixons sites display the phone numbers and locations of all Dixons stores so that customers know how to find Dixons representatives if they feel the need. This is very important in giving confidence to customers. Equally important, the web-site provides feedback to Dixons. The Group is able to track the behaviour of people using the site. Dixons can monitor:

  • the Internet provider used by each browser eg Freeserve, AOL, Demon;
  • how long browsers spend on the site.
  • the extent to which they explore the site.

The Group can then build up a picture of which users of the site are most likely to become buyers and can note characteristics such as age and sex. Typically, Internet customers tend to be younger than those making purchases through stores and are more likely to be male than female.

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