Revolution in retailing
A Dixons Group case study

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Page 5: New channels to market

Dixons Group 5 Image 7Changing technologies offer opportunities for moving into new fields of business, but provide a threat if these new fields are not successful. Dixons has been instrumental in bringing personal computers, software and the Internet into the home. Shopping habits are changing rapidly and late-night and Sunday shopping are now an accepted part of our modern lifestyle. The current trend in Internet shopping may well be the key to the future of retailing and opens doors to an entirely new retail proposition.

One application of e-commerce is the use of the Internet for business. It is revolutionising businesses because of its speed, reliability and accessibility. Building on the expertise of the Dixons Group in electronic and electrical retailing, the advantages of e-commerce provide an obvious way for the Group to add value to its current proposition and meet changing customer needs.

In 1997, Dixons established both its corporate website and one of the first customer fulfilment websites in this country through which customers could purchase over 1500 lines, on-line. In 1999 Dixons launched PC World and @jakarta sites. Electronic retailing:

  1. Allows customers to browse through a store’s products to gain information, before they go to the retail outlet to make the purchase
  2. Allows customers to buy direct from the Internet in the comfort of their own home
  3. Adds value to the Group’s existing products and services
  4. Allows the Group to communicate with its customers before its competitors

Dixons Group | Revolution in retailing