Meeting and exceeding consumer protection laws to drive competitive advantage
A DSG international case study

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Page 3: Sale of Goods Act 1979 (amended in 1994 and 2002)

DSGi imageThis Act gives consumers protection against faulty or unreliable goods. At the time of sale, goods must be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose for which they were bought. If a product is faulty at the time of sale or shortly afterwards, the customer has a right to reject the product and claim a refund.

After a period to try out the goods, (which may be a few days or weeks depending on the item), the customer loses the right to an automatic refund. S/he can ask for a repair, a replacement or a refund depending on what is reasonable in the circumstances.

DSGi recognises that many household products are regarded by customers as essential (e.g. cookers, fridges etc.). As such, it has relationships with all its suppliers to ensure that where repairs are necessary, they can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

DSGi goes to great lengths to ensure that its policies not only meet the requirements of the Sale of Goods Act but go beyond what the legislation demands. It provides customers with clear documentation at the point of sale explaining how its after sales service works.

DSGi also has its own service operations that deal mainly with repairs to brown goods and PC Servicecall, which deals with PC repairs. PC Servicecall maintain databases of faults or known problems with PCs. This means that problems can be resolved more quickly and efficiently.

The vast majority of PC problems can be solved over the telephone and are due to software problems rather than electrical or mechanical faults. This avoids the cost and delay of having to send out engineers to carry out repairs. PC Servicecall is even able to offer a remote help service, whereby a home PC can be controlled remotely to see what is happening on screen and fix any software errors there may be.

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