Motivation - how Egg unleashes the power of people
An Egg case study

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Page 2: Benefits of motivating people

Egg2Egg's enduring purpose is 'to revolutionise customers' experience of financial services driven through unleashing the power of people'. This is like a mission statement, in that it defines the way the company carries out its business. Egg knows its performance will determine its success in winning and keeping the confidence of its customers.

Chart1It is apparent from Egg's enduring purpose that it believes in the 'power of people'. First-rate performances by Egg people offer a first-rate service to its customers.

When customers receive a great service, they will tend to buy more. This in turn will lead to greater shareholder value. Egg believes it is advantageous to build a strategy of motivation into its culture. Motivation is seen as essential and has been made part of the fabric of the company, known as 'Egg DNA' (see Section 5).

Egg | Motivation - how Egg unleashes the power of people