Motivation - how Egg unleashes the power of people
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Page 5: Motivation in practice

Egg5Mayo's theories and conclusions are particularly important at Egg. He commenced from the idea that the better the relations between management and their teams, the more efficient the business would be.

Working agreeably is linked to being contented, and satisfaction comes from the employee knowing s/he is appreciated. This is why Egg places so much emphasis on managers knowing their people well in order that they enjoy their work and are putting in every effort because they want to.

Egg believes that to motivate people it is important to balance the needs and wants of the company with those of the individual.

'I want'

This refers to what the individual wants from their working life. It is discussed in a 'Know Your People' conversation between the manager and the employee. This conversation is an important opportunity for the employee to talk about what motivates them, what they enjoy doing and what their future aspirations are. Egg endeavours to ensure these needs can be reached by, wherever possible, matching them into a role which takes account of what they want to achieve and thus 'unleashing their power'.

Each person has different levels of aspiration. For example, an ambitious graduate may have different goals and needs to a part-timer with young children or someone nearing retirement. This is something each manager knows through the dialogue they have with their people. Taking this approach leads to Egg being a motivated organisation with motivated people.

'Egg wants'

Egg believes that the aims of the company (known at Egg as the 'Egg Game') can be delivered through clear responsibilities and targets (known as accountabilities and objectives). When the accountabilities and objectives have been formulated by the manager s/he will have a further conversation with each team member to agree these. They talk about what the employee brings to the job and the knowledge s/he can acquire and use.

Egg recognises that everyone has different training and development needs and ambitions which will enable them to be successful in their particular role and at Egg in general. The framework used for this is called Egg DNA and is made up of:

  • The specific, special or technical skills/knowledge a person brings to the role (e.g. an accountant would need specific accountancy knowledge).
  • The attitudes a person displays in relation to what is being asked of them (e.g. being passionate about the role and about what Egg is wanting to achieve).
  • The non-technical skills individuals need to do their job (e.g. communicating powerfully).

Egg plans to enhance and improve these qualities and skills through training and coaching the individual to be the best they can in the role they are undertaking.

Egg hopes that motivated people who enjoy their work will encourage their family and friends to apply for jobs when they become available. It runs a scheme which rewards people financially for this called 'Bring a Friend to Egg'.

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