Motivation - how Egg unleashes the power of people
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Page 3: What is motivation?

Egg3In essence, motivation is the art of getting people to do things because they want to, or because they see some benefit. At its most crude, motivation in the workplace is linked to pay. It has subsequently been proved that pay is not the only motivator and in certain circumstances does not act as one at all.

For Egg, motivation is about creating an environment where its people:

  • Are involved in planning, performing and achieving for themselves, customers and Egg.
  • Have a great relationship with their manager who knows what they are wanting to achieve in their working life.
  • Feel empowered and 'unleashed', so they have the power to create change, reach their potential and deliver excellent customer service.
  • Enjoy their work and have opportunities to improve themselves and their role.
  • Are recognised and rewarded for the effort they put into making Egg successful.

However, Egg also recognises that all the 'hygiene factors' which affect motivation need to be in place and work effectively. For example great emphasis is placed on creating an atmosphere which is conducive to working creatively and powerfully and ensuring that people's salaries are paid on time.

Egg's approach builds on much of the theory described in Section 4. Egg aims to understand its people as much as possible and to get the best out of them. By meeting the needs of the individual - and giving them ownership and the power to make decisions - Egg ensures that the needs of the business are met.

Chart2At Egg the role of the manager is vital in ensuring its people are motivated. The management cycle is continuous - managers plan and organise work. They then, in conjunction with their people, distribute the work in such a way that, wherever possible, everyone is undertaking work which motivates them and that they enjoy, and therefore delivers a better result for customers and shareholders.

Egg makes sure that each manager knows his or her own people well through training called 'know yourself, know your people'. It recognises that every individual is unique and the way in which they behave is driven by a number of factors. Understanding how these factors can be harnessed to reach both Egg's and the employee's target is of utmost importance.

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