The value of generating change
An Enron case study

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Page 4: The importance of entrepreneurship

Enron 4 Image 4Entrepreneurship involves being creative and taking intelligent risks in order to create purposeful change. It means taking the lead rather than following others. Enron thrives in dynamic marketplaces where customers have choice. They can choose whether they want power now or later, whether they value fixed or flexible prices, whether it is practical to invest in solar panels or whether they will consider generating energy on their own site. Although consumers are aware of their own energy needs, they do not always have a clear idea of how many different ways these needs can be met. Enron prides itself on thoroughly researching the markets in which its customers operate in order to be best placed to solve their energy needs.

Enron employees are encouraged to welcome challenges and be independent decision-makers. The employees in the European head office in London comprise more than 30 nationalities and bring great diversity of experience to the company. Although the company is large - 16,000 employees world-wide - it operates as a number of smaller units under a single umbrella. Each of these units is expected to take responsibility for its own decisions, whilst operating in an integrated way with other parts of the organisation. New employees spend time in the various parts of the organisation to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to anticipate and generate change and make the most of internal synergy.

Enron | The value of generating change