Communication strategies to engage a variety of stakeholders
An Enterprise Rent-A-Car case study

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Page 5: Evaluating strategies and overcoming barriers to communication

Enterprise Rent A Car 18 Image 5For communication to be effective the message must reach and be understood by its receiver. Barriers to communication must be anticipated and avoided. Enterprise seeks to eliminate barriers to its communication through its well thought-out communication strategies. For example, Enterprise recently entered new markets through the acquisitions of Citer (France) and ATESA (Spain). Enterprise anticipated potential language and cultural barriers during the rebranding of these companies to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. To minimise the risk of these potential barriers, and increase the effectiveness of its communication, Enterprise selected media agencies with local knowledge and understanding of those countries’ media practices.

Internally, The Hub reduced barriers to communication as it created one central point of access to announcements and information regarding the acquisition for all Enterprise employees. Through encouraging interaction and discussions on The Hub, the number of confusing or mixed messages reduced.

Evaluating past communication helps a business see where improvements can be made. Enterprise continually monitors the effectiveness of its communication strategies. It uses monthly telephone consumer satisfaction surveys. These allow Enterprise to rank branches based on the percentage of customers who were ‘completely satisfied’ with their last rental experience. These rankings of locations help to determine the rewards and advancement of employees. It also analyses the impact of press cuttings from mass media coverage to keep up-to-date with how the company brand is perceived and monitors social media activity talking about its brand. These all indicate how feedback enables effective communication to be practiced at Enterprise.

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