Communication strategies to engage a variety of stakeholders
An Enterprise Rent-A-Car case study

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Page 3: Internal communications

Enterprise Rent A Car 18 Image 1Internal communication takes place within an organisation, for example, communication between employees. The purpose of internal communication includes:

  • giving information
  • gathering information
  • clarifying issues and points
  • influencing action.

Oral communication is a common form of internal communication, for example in a group or one-to-one meeting. Nowadays, electronic communication is growing in importance. This can involve written communication, such as an e-mail, text or tweet, or oral communication via video conferencing. Enterprise uses a variety of communication methods. For example, employees are introduced to the company’s values and systems through induction events, company meetings, posters (visual reminders of values), the company website and its intranet. This multi-channel approach enables Enterprise to communicate its core values to its employees. These messages include:

  • ‘Our brand is the most valuable thing we own. Our reputation and the powerful brands we build together are our most precious assets.
  • Personal honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success – our employees accept responsibility for demonstrating our true commitment to the highest ethical standards.
  • Customer service is our way of life.
  • We work hard and reward hard work.
  • Great things happen when we listen – to our customers and to each other.’


Enterprise has recently developed a new intranet system called ‘The Hub’. This replaced a purely information based system. The Hub enables input from employees at Enterprise’s locations across Western Europe and North America. This channel of communication supports Enterprise’s core value – ‘great things happen when we listen’. The benefits of The Hub are that it enables:

  • Enterprise to transmit company news and information easily to employees
  • employees to share best practice through discussions, meeting notes or ideas
  • employees to collaborate on projects in groups without using convoluted e-mail communication
  • a reduction in the number of announcement e-mails that have to be sent out to the employee base.


Enterprise Rent A Car 18 Image 3Another internal communications strategy at Enterprise is its ‘onboarding’ programme for new employees. As well as a company induction, new recruits receive a personal congratulatory welcome letter from the managing director. Letters are also sent to their parents and partners to congratulate them on their child or spouse’s success. This re-enforces the family-orientated culture at Enterprise. Importantly, this also begins to build a foundation of cultural understanding. This continues to be reinforced through further internal communications as employees develop their careers.

Enterprise is one of the largest graduate employers in the UK and Ireland. It employs over 700 new management trainees each year. The graduate scheme’s success is based on the quality of internal communication strategies at Enterprise. Each employee is trained how to run their own business. This includes being taught about finance, marketing and sales. By sharing good practice, the business has enjoyed growing success in terms of sales growth and market share.

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