Developing clear strategies to fulfil objectives within cultural aims and values
An Enterprise Rent-A-Car case study

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Page 3: Culture

Culture has been described as ‘the way we do things around here’. It refers to the attitudes and behaviours shown within the workplace by all employees, built up over many years. Culture, rather than simply being something hoped for or stated, is the culmination of the interaction of many elements, the main being:

  • Company aims and objectives
  • The behaviour of company directors and senior staff
  • The attitude of senior managers to opportunities and risk
  • A company’s recruitment and training procedures

Culture has been likened to cutting a Battenberg cake. It does not matter where in the cake you cut it, the pattern of the slice will always look the same. It is not always easy to specifically define a particular business’s culture but usually it will show in a combination of some or all of the following ways:

  • Attitude to customers – customer-centred or focused inwards
  • Attitude to hard work
  • Staff rivalry or team-work
  • Ethical stance
  • Quality of provisions
  • Attitude to innovation

Enterprise management and staff are intensely aware of the company’s culture and how important it is to maintaining its competitive edge in the multiple markets it serves. Enterprise has a planning and goal-setting tool called ‘The Cultural Compass’ which is applied across the entire business to ensure the best practice is consistently delivered by all.

Enterprise Rent A Car 19 Diagram 2







Enterprise is proud of its stance on all of the six areas detailed in the compass. These represent far more than just ways of staying ahead of the competition – they reflect the whole attitude and commitment of all staff, from senior management to new recruits. This culture is what defines Enterprise and is a key to its ongoing growth and success.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car | Developing clear strategies to fulfil objectives within cultural aims and values