Locating a business to enhance the customer experience
An Enterprise Rent-A-Car case study

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Page 5: Qualitative influences

There are also other factors that influence Enterprise in its choice of location for a new site. It is important that safety requirements are met, for example, making sure the road conditions are suitable. Ideally, there should be the space to expand operations in the future, so managers assess if the local facilities and infrastructure will allow this.

Managers also take into account environmental considerations. Enterprise aims to make new branches as environmentally-friendly as possible:

  • Long-life bulbs are used within Enterprise signage. These last five times longer than standard bulbs. This reduces manandwomanenvironmental waste and cuts the labour hours spent replacing bulbs.
  • Photocells are used to switch on outside lights and signs only when they are needed. This reduces electricity consumption.
  • Regulators are placed on car wash and jet wash machines to reduce the amount of shampoo used.
  • Printing is kept to a minimum and documents are only printed on recycled paper.
  • A ‘last person out’ switch turns off all non-essential electrical devices at the end of the day.
  • Special window blinds reduce heat gain, which reduces energy costs.
  • Offices use efficient lighting that generates less heat, so that cooling systems are not required.
  • Furniture is recycled by donating replaced items to charities.

As there are 7,700 Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches worldwide, even small environmental improvements at branch level produce a big difference globally.

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