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An Enterprise Rent-A-Car case study

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Page 3: Market development

Enterprise Rent A Car 17 Page 3 1In 1957 Jack Taylor was a 35 year-old sales manager interested in the unheard-of practice of leasing cars. This was then a new and affordable alternative to running a car.

Jack Taylor’s background in the US Navy made him realise the importance of taking care of those around you. His motto was, ‘Take care of your customers and employees, and the profits will follow’. Customer service and good employee relations therefore became the cornerstone of the business. It was this that helped the business to grow.

From 1957 – 1993 Enterprise concentrated on expanding its operations across the USA. In this time it opened over 1000 rental branches. Throughout the 90s Enterprise developed into markets in Canada, the UK, Germany and Ireland.

In the car rental business, as all organisations are providing a similar product, a key factor that differentiates one organisation from another is the quality of the service that is provided for customers. Enterprise’s dramatic growth strategy has been made possible through its high level of customer service. By listening to its customers, it is able to provide greater satisfaction, with employees being a vital part of that process.

To provide superior customer service, Enterprise locates its branches as close as possible to its customers. The convenience of this service gives Enterprise a competitive advantage over its rivals. However, in response to customer needs, Enterprise opened its first on-airport location in 1995. The demand for this service was so great that by 2005 Enterprise had over 200 on-airport branches. This meant that Enterprise kept ahead of its competitors and increased its market share.

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