Motivation in action
An Enterprise Rent-A-Car case study

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Page 3: Culture and motivation

At Enterprise the emphasis is on creating a positive work environment. Managers and team leaders provide a culture through:

  • Good relationships - managers take care of their employees. They find out about the expectations of their employees. They give clear directions and the team has fun together.

  • Clear communications - clear goals and expectations are set and plans are shared. Reasons for doing things are clearly explained so employees can see how they fit into the big picture.
  • Adequate resources - managers make sure that materials, equipment and information are provided and fit for purpose.
  • Encouragement employees are praised for getting things right. Frustrations and problems are acknowledged. The focus is on working towards goals.
  • Recognition effort and good performance are rewarded. By establishing best practice, it is possible for Enterprise to measure branch culture against the benchmarks or standards it has set.

Developing a motivating culture takes time and effort. Enterprise managers and team leaders are given in-depth training. This allows them to develop a strategic, long-term approach to building a culture of customer care through motivated people.

Everyone at Enterprise takes part in Motivation Training. This gives employees an understanding of motivation principles and techniques, so everyone buys into business goals. This helps to raise standards of performance across the business.

Team leaders need to understand the needs of the people they manage to ensure they apply the right motivating factors for individuals. During training, managers learn to assess the motivation culture of their branch. For example, a branch with highly motivated employees may demonstrate this by:

  • answering the phone before the working day starts
  • working together as a team
  • regularly attending social work functions together
  • arriving early every day
  • organising and preparing the office at the end of the day.

Employees are aware of the benefits of high levels of performance, such as recognition and promotion, but also the consequences of poor performance.

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