Motivation in action
An Enterprise Rent-A-Car case study

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Page 4: Motivating people in the workplace

Frederick Herzberg

Frederick Herzberg showed that real motivation comes from within. Factors like good pay and working conditions (his 'hygiene factors') stop employees from being dissatisfied. However it is the opportunity to set personal targets and to develop oneself that are the true motivators.

Within Enterprise, a number of de-motivating factors have been identified. These include:

  • a lack of organisation or structure
  • a lack of feedback
  • a lack of understanding why a task is important
  • a lack of consequences for poor performance.

Managers are therefore trained to identify and work to reduce these within their branches. This may be by effective communication, training or clear guidance on job standards.

Recognition, one of Herzberg's motivators, is important for employees to feel they are valued. To address this, Enterprise has introduced a system called 'The Vote'. This aims to support and encourage the development of exceptional customer service.

It works on the basis of co-workers providing assessment on themselves and each other. All employees in rental branches rank everyone in their team, including themselves, in terms of their customer service efforts. They provide a constructive explanation of the rankings given. These are then fed back to all employees.

The names of the best performer and most improved employee are communicated to all employees in the region. This is a way of recognising those employees who are delivering exceptional service and identifying those who may need additional motivation.

'The Vote' helps to achieve high ESQi scores because:

  • everyone is involved in suggesting improvements to others
  • only constructive feedback is allowed
  • progress reports are issued regularly to remind fellow employees on how to improve.
  • improvement is valued as much as overall performance.

This is illustrated in the table, in which 1 represents highest ranking. Ali did best overall because he received the most first place votes from fellow workers. However, Chung is the most improved winner because he received more 'most improved' votes (shown by an asterisk*).

The training that managers receive also enables them to consider how they can motivate employees in non-management roles. It provides a checklist of actions that managers may take with employees. This may be by something as simple as saying 'thank you' in public or formally publicising exceptional effort resulting in a satisfied customer.

Managers in Enterprise motivate their employees through informal competitions, giving opportunities to take the lead on projects or providing training to learn new skills.

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