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Page 5: Selection

Selection is the process of identifying the best candidate for the role in question. This is important as the candidates who apply may not always have the correct set of skills and competencies required by the business.

Enterprise seeks competencies in its recruits both for an immediate job role and also for development over the longer term to support the business growth. HR managers often use standard documentation in order to match job roles with personal qualities and skills. These include:

  • the job description - this summarises a job role within an organisation and lists the main tasks.
  • a person specification - this highlights the characteristics a candidate needs for a post, as well as the desirable qualities the company is looking for.

Enterprise combines the person specification within the job description by using a skills and competencies framework.

The Enterprise selection process offers candidates several opportunities to show their best in different situations:

  • To screen candidates, Enterprise recruitment managers compare the online application forms (which reflect candidates' CVs) to the skills and competencies the role needs.
  • Candidates then have an initial face-to-face interview with an Enterprise recruitment manager.
  • This is followed by an interview with a branch manager.
  • From this, selected candidates are invited to an assessment day.
  • The assessment day is a standard part of the Enterprise recruitment process. Candidates take part in practical exercises, including role-play, as well as individual and group activities. Role-play is a valuable way of testing core skills like communication and customer service. Enterprise can assess a candidate's performance by different methods and in different work related tasks. This makes the selection process fairer. Areas tested include customer service skills, flexibility, sales aptitude, work ethic, leadership and teamwork. The assessment day ends with another interview with a senior manager in order to make the final selection.

The different parts of the selection process help to identify the qualities the company is looking for. For example:

  • Sarah is now an Enterprise Training Manager. She is responsible for creating and delivering multiple training programmes to improve employee performance and productivity at Enterprise. She also provides feedback to management on employee performance. At selection, Enterprise had picked out her communication skills, leadership and work ethic. From initial training Sarah moved to Assistant Manager, Branch Manager then to Area Manager, then into her current role.
  • Laurent is an Area Manager. The selection process highlighted within him a keenness for sales and a real care for customers. This enabled him to take on the challenges of responding to changing customer needs whilst meeting business aims and objectives. His role includes leading managers of several rental branches to develop a culture of customer service and sales. Through coaching, mentoring and training, he motivates his team by recognising and rewarding their achievements so that they can meet their business goals.

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