Building a workforce for the future
An Equitable Life Assurance Society case study

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Page 4: Restructuring the organisation

Equitable Life Assurance Society 3 Image 4The Central Training Unit at The Equitable Life has played a key part in the restructuring of the organisation and in helping staff to update their skills and ability to work in a modern business environment. The Unit offers an eight week off-the-job training and development programme for existing staff which focuses on working to develop new approaches to customer relations to help the Society to 'grow more contented customers.' The course begins with 'Learning To Learn' – an approach designed to enable trainees to become 'lifelong learners' and to make good use of learning opportunities.

The course aims ‘to help individuals develop their attitude, direction, knowledge and skills so that they are able to contribute effectively towards growing more contented customers.’ This is achieved by:

  • helping trainees to feel confident about themselves and believe that they can play a significant part in growing more contented customers
  • helping them to understand and deal positively with change
  • helping them understand and think about the Society as a business, bearing in mind the Society's products and standing in the financial services sector
  • ensuring that they receive appropriate technical and skills training to meet their individual needs.

Business Trainee Scheme

This is a highly important initiative which involves bringing top quality young people into the organisation and helping them to find their feet. It consists of an eight to twelve month training and development programme for 8 school or college leavers from the Aylesbury Vale area.

The Graduate Management Development Scheme is a development scheme that has been designed to improve the management skills of graduates. It involves a system of attainment targets for individuals without specific time limits.

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