Introducing a pan-European product
An Eurofighter case study

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Page 2: Pan-European partnerships

Eurofighter 5 Image 5The Eurofighter consortium consists of four industrial partners:

  • British Aerospace, a world leader in aerospace and defence
  • Alenia Aerospazio, the leading Italian manufacturer in the aerospace industry
  • CASA, a Spanish company which is a world leader in materials development
  • Daimler Chrysler Aerospace, a leading German aerospace manufacturer.

The partners agreed to divide the development, testing and production of the new fighter between themselves using facilities in each of the four countries, making this a genuinely pan-European project. The production work-share between the four countries was set according to each country’s planned purchase of the aircraft.

Therefore, Britain took on 37% of the production work in line with their planned orders for 232 aircraft, Germany 30% (180 aircraft), Italy 19% (121 aircraft) and Spain 14% (87 aircraft). Two separate groups were set up, one to develop the actual aircraft and the other to develop the EJ200 engine. The whole programme is managed by the NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA).

Eurofighter | Introducing a pan-European product