Taking direct banking a step further
A first direct case study

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Page 4: Communication

Once First Direct had decided to develop a PC Banking service, it became necessary to develop efficient channels of communication, informing customers and potential customers about the new service:

  • Banking Representatives were informed of what to tell customers enquiring about the initial plans for a PC Banking service. Those customers who expressed an interest were logged and kept informed of progress. They were then mailed as soon as First Direct had established the details of the service and invited to participate in the trial.
  • A PC Banking support team was set up to answer more detailed queries.
  • Statement inserts were sent out once plans for the trial were finalised - thus raising awareness of the new service.
  • A Public Relations programme was put in place to announce plans to the press.

Administration and management of change

First Direct 3 Image 5First Direct has ensured that the PC Banking and telephone banking channels are fully integrated. When a customer carries out a transaction via their PC, if they then call in to query something, the Banking Representative will be able to see exactly what transactions the customer has just carried out. In the short term, little impact is expected on the telephone side. However, in the medium term, as functionality is increased, it is expected that people using the PC Banking service will call less often. A high proportion of calls are balance only enquiries. With people calling less often, operators will be freer to take more detailed calls.

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