Taking direct banking a step further
A first direct case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

First Direct 3 Diagram 1In this ‘age of information and technology’ customers continually require new technological services. Today’s ‘next best thing’ may be obsolete tomorrow. One of the aims of marketing is to find out what customers will be buying tomorrow and in the months and years to come. First Direct prides itself on being a forward thinking, innovative company. Therefore it continually looks at new technological developments, evaluates new opportunities, analyses what customers want and how it can meet these demands.

First Direct is now looking to take the next step into TV Banking. First Direct, as a division of Midland Bank, is working with BIB, a company that is co-owned by BSkyB, British Telecom, Midland and Matushita, to develop interactive TV. The system is to be launched in 1998. Customers will be able to access their accounts via their TV sets with a set top box. This state of the art technology will also enable people to download cash onto Mondex cards. Watch this space!

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