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Page 3: Job appraisal

Fki 2 Image 3All employees agree with their immediate manager the scope of their job. This Job Description means that the objectives, duties required, responsibilities and performance levels expected are understood and can be used as a basis for regular appraisal. At appraisals, the manager can give feedback to employees on how well they are performing against job requirements, the employees can express any ideas they might have for improving their performance and together they might identify any training needs which need to be met.

Suggestion Schemes
Employees are encouraged to produce ideas - in writing or orally - on how products, processes or administrative procedures can be improved. A sifting committee drawn from various parts of the organisation checks out the feasibility of the proposals and assesses their worth. Sometimes cash awards are made for ideas which when adopted can help the organisation to save money or improve customer services without additional costs.

Some examples used successfully in FKI Engineering Companies:

An Active communications policy has been adopted by the Board. Directors use half-yearly meetings to keep employees informed of long term strategies, future developments for the Company, how it will get there and what role the employees will play. The meetings also provide an opportunity for questions to be asked of Directors. Points raised can include order intake, new product development and new investment.

Weekly meetings of Directors and Middle Manangers enable messages to be cascaded quickly through the Company. Middle Managers in turn pass on information obtained to supervisors and work teams, varying in size from 6 to 30 people.

Implementation is now focused on a Team Enterprise approach – authority is delegated to production teams. Team Leaders facilitate training of their team members and are responsible for liaising with the leaders of other teams. The teams manage quality and production levels and bring in specialist help from support functions within the Company to help resolve production problems.

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