Market research and consumer protection
A Food Standards Agency case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

The FSA carries out market research with consumers, producers and retailers to identify ways to educate the public about diet and food issues.

The FSA uses science-based evidence about healthy eating and food to protect consumers and public health. It also uses existing market research about food consumption produced by organisations such as MINTEL as well as conducting its own research. 

The FSA's traffic light colour-coded system, developed after research, gives consumers a useful tool to help with healthy food choices. Evaluation after the advertising campaign shows that the proportion of people now referring to the nutritional information on the front and back of packaging has increased from 72% to 75%.

The FSA conducts regular research to evaluate how consumers are using the traffic light system. This helps it to assess the value of this approach and to make ongoing improvements.

Food Standards Agency | Market research and consumer protection