Building the future of English football
A Football Association case study

Page 6: Conclusion

As the structure of business changes with the growth of the Web, the roles of football, communication and sponsorship will change.The Football Association 6 Image 8It can be predicted that football will consistently provide the largest live audiences, whether through TV screens, PC screens or phones, and that it will therefore become even more attractive.

Other programmes may be downloaded later, or viewed on demand (with fragmented audiences and advertising messages excluded), but the enjoyment of football is inextricably linked with being there, seeing it happen and sharing in the unpredictability of live action. The drama that football continually provides, from moments of great skill to wonderful goals to great saves to nail-biting penalty shoot-outs, makes football distinct from all other large scale audience deliverers such as soaps or film premiers.

The Football Association therefore can provide sponsors not only with mass market delivery, but also emotional commitment. As sponsors' investment in the game becomes more widely recognised, so the value and effectiveness of their investment increases. The revenue from sponsors enables The Football Association to pursue its vision of using football as a power for good - and hopefully, in time, developing excellence throughout the game and a national team that will be the envy of the world again.

Football Association | Building the future of English football


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