Building the future of English football
A Football Association case study

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Page 3: Providing promotional opportunities

The Football Association 6 Image 3The Football Association divided its properties both vertically and horizontally. It wanted to make sure it provided sponsors with a genuine opportunity to gain value for money through sponsoring activities. Its ambition was to see a top sponsor for each F.A. competition and football initiative. These sponsorship deals needed to be long term, and to involve major companies which would enhance the existing high reputation of The F.A. and its events.

At its outset, the objectives of the Football Associates scheme were to:

  • provide a unique commercial entry point to football in its widest sense at all levels
  • bring image benefits through association with football and The Football Association as the governing body
  • enable sponsors to reach their target markets effectively
  • support sponsors independently and collectively
  • enhance the standing and reputation of F.A. events and properties
  • evolve and improve the commercial programme.

This four year package was entitled Football Associates, implying involvement in all aspects of football, and the sense of partnership between sponsors that The F.A. wished to encourage. It began with The F.A. Charity Shield in August 1998 and finishes with the World Cup Final in 2002. This sponsorship scheme intends to bring over £100 million into the game over the four year period.

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