Sponsorship as part of the marketing mix
A Ford case study

Page 1: Introduction

Ford imageThe Ford Motor Company is a US based global automotive manufacturer. The company has manufacturing operations in six continents. In Europe alone there are 35 factories located in nine countries. The Ford 'family' includes the Jaguar, LandRover, Volvo and Aston Martin brands, as well as the well known Mondeo, Focus and Fiesta models.  The Ford brand is well-known and its company logo identifies this brand worldwide.

In the UK, Ford employs around 14,200 people at 10 different locations. It has led the UK market in new car sales for over 28 consecutive years. This has been achieved in the context of an increasingly competitive new car market.

Ford operates in both the private car and commercial vehicles markets. It serves a variety of markets from vans for commercial use to the Ford Focus (which is one of the world's best selling cars).

Ford | Sponsorship as part of the marketing mix


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