Sponsorship as part of the marketing mix
A Ford case study

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Page 4: Price

Ford imageA company like Ford will constantly evaluate the return on its investment in sponsorship. This evaluation measures both the value of the media exposure and the impact on its brand. Price is the second element in Ford's marketing mix.

Ford strategists must establish a pricing policy for its vehicle ranges. The price policy for a vehicle takes into account costs, a profit margin and also the price of competing products available in the market.

Its sponsorship of the Champions League is one way Ford competed without changing the price of its vehicles. This is known as non-price competition. By sponsoring the Champions League, the company can build the prestige and value of its brand - this is another element of non-price competition.

Ford's sponsorship can strengthen the company's pricing policy. For example, through its association with the UEFA Champions League, Ford is able to produce an exclusive range of Champions League edition cars, these will have some special features as well as Champions League branding. These vehicles will be more attractive to many buyers.

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