Sponsorship as part of the marketing mix
A Ford case study

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Ford imageFord produces a wide range of vehicles, each is targeted towards a particular part of the total market: the Ford 'Ka' is aimed at a different consumer to the Ford 'Galaxy'. The features, size, style, image, colours and performance of these products all appeal to distinct 'segments' of the new car market. In developing new products Ford considers the needs of different types of consumer.

All products, whether they are physical things, or services, emerge with an end user in mind. This is a key part of meeting the needs of a market.

Through research, Ford knows that a large percentage of target customers who are considering purchasing one of its vehicles, will also be interested in football. It is likely they will watch the UEFA Champions League. The company's association with the competition allows it to target these people in a very direct way.

Sponsorship rights allows Ford to target football fans (some of whom may be potential customers) through several communication channels, e.g. at the stadium, within the television programme and through themed promotions. Through these rights, Ford can promote a specific vehicle - one which has just been launched, or which appeals specifically to football fans.

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