The role of an equal opportunities policy
A Ford case study

Page 5: Key principles

Once an organisation has created a policy, it must communicate the policy to everyone within the organisation as quickly as possible, in a way which makes sure that the policies will be operated. There are four key principles of a successful equal opportunities policy. These are:

  1. Ford 3 Image 6The policy should provide clear guidelines which set out defined responsibilities.
  2. The policy should guide and govern the behaviour of employees and decision makers.
  3. The policy should establish a framework for action.
  4. The application of the policy should be regularly monitored.

Ford’s equal opportunities policy is concerned with providing people with guidance as to how they should operate now and in the future. It gives them direction and a clear focus for action. It also provides individuals within the organisation with the security of knowing that he or she is operating within the organisation’s guidelines.

Ford | The role of an equal opportunities policy


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