Objectives and dynamic strategies in an expanding market
A Freeserve case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Freeserve 6 Image 6Alongside the marketing strategy, Freeserve has developed a strategy for the people it employs. In November 1998, Freeserve only employed two people. There are now nearly 300, working in five different locations.

If Freeserve is going to succeed in its vision to become ‘the trusted Internet brand, touching the lives of everyone in the UK, everyday’, all its employees need to be totally committed to the consumer. Freeserve believes it is attracting the best people with the best skills, from both inside and outside the sector, thus making a huge investment in people. Freeserve recruits people it believes will share the vision, reflecting passion and dynamism, professionalism and a commitment to innovation.

Freeserve’s aim is to ensure that its customers can get online quickly, find what they are looking for simply, trust the information they have found, and feel secure about shopping on the Internet. This can only be achieved by making the interface between the consumer and the Internet as user-friendly as possible and providing the highest standards of access, security, content, ease of use and service.

Freeserve | Objectives and dynamic strategies in an expanding market