An integrated approach to Customer Service
A Gala Group case study

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Page 5: Developing an integrated Customer Service Strategy

One key element for Gala in developing an integrated strategy was to create trust and confidence at all levels. Customers need to trust and feel confident about the organisation from which they are purchasing. Similarly, employees need to trust senior managers and to have confidence in their actions. In order to support a Customer Service Strategy, Gala has also:

  • established service standards for each division of the company
  • launched an induction pack across both divisions
  • linked customer care training across the organisation
  • introduced 'Valuing our People' initiatives within its Casino Division
  • established 'Gala Difference' people initiatives within its Bingo Division.

Customer Service is not a one-off activity. It is a process of continuous improvement, from which feedback from employees and customers is used to:

  • measure progress made
  • take further steps that generate yet more improvements.

To support this process, Gala is involving both employees and customers. For example, customer dialogue activities being included are:

  • setting up a database for recording customer complaints and compliments
  • creating customer feedback mechanisms, such as comment cards
  • developing a customer satisfaction survey that is undertaken on a regular basis.

Talking to employees involves:

  • developing a regular employee survey process
  • creating ideas/suggestions schemes
  • introducing a variety of employee recognition schemes.

Gala Group | An integrated approach to Customer Service