An integrated approach to Customer Service
A Gala Group case study

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Page 1: Introduction

When customers buy a product or service they are increasingly aware that they are also buying an element of service that goes with it. This service element can be decisive when people are considering where to obtain the product itself e.g. at which cinema to see a film or with which Internet service provider to sign up. In each of these cases, a key part of the buying experience is how you, the customer, feel you are treated.

Customers like to deal with organisations they can trust and with businesses that demonstrate that they value their customers and are looking to develop a positive, ongoing relationship with them. Customers also like to deal with staff who give the impression that they feel valued and part of a worthwhile organisation.

In a competitive environment, organisations need ways of attracting and retaining new customers, so they look for a way of making their Brands more attractive and acceptable than that of their competitors' Brands.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to exceed customers' expectations, no matter how high those expectations might be.

Understanding, retaining and developing a relationship with customers by exceeding their expectations through first class Customer Service does not come cheap. However, for the business it is best seen, not simply as a cost, but as an investment that can yield high returns, because it helps an organisation to improve its competitive position by rising above its rivals.

This case study examines the development of the Gala Group's Customer Service Strategy as a total business concept. It illustrates how developing and integrating a Customer Service Strategy across the business is helping Gala to position itself for further growth.

Gala Group | An integrated approach to Customer Service