An integrated approach to Customer Service
A Gala Group case study

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Page 3: The Customer Service Concept

Most consumers, when thinking of making a purchase, look first at the core or raw product. With Gala, the 'raw products' are Bingo and Gaming, i.e. Roulette, Poker etc. When deciding what and where to buy (play), however, consumers are influenced by many factors, of which the raw product is only one part. They have high expectations of their requirements over and above the product e.g. they want to feel valued as customers and to enjoy a good service experience.

Customer Service that exceeds expectations gives customers a sense of satisfaction and creates a feeling of goodwill towards an organisation. This encourages them to develop positive perceptions and to return, i.e. creating customer loyalty. Customers start to develop trust and confidence in the Brands.

According to MORI (1999), the top 7 reasons for customers to re-purchase or recommend a product or service to others are:

The concept of Customer Service presents an image of an organisation that is outward-focused (building and developing relationships with its customers). When developing Customer Service as a total business strategy, however, it is important to realise that it begins with how employees relate to each other and the customers within the business.

As part of a total Customer Service Strategy, Gala sees its own employees as internal customers. If internal customers are to provide external customers with good Customer Service, then they (Gala employees) themselves need to provide everybody they come across with good internal Customer Service and also feel that they are well treated in return.

This idea is particularly important for the Gala Group, which has developed an integrated strategy that has linked its external focus upon customers with the notion of being regarded by its own employees as a good employer.

In the same way that the Gala Group wants to retain its external customers and encourage them to come back and enjoy the products on offer more often, it also wants to recruit, motivate and retain good staff. This involves providing training opportunities and job satisfaction for employees.

Gala Group | An integrated approach to Customer Service