Relocating A Gala Club
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Page 6: Membership Analysis

The breakdown of population and the bingo potential within three miles of the new site, based upon 1999 figures, is as follows:

The data shows that within three miles of the Ashton area, 8.1 per cent of people play bingo which is well above the national average of 6.3 per cent. The main catchment area for the new Gala Club at the different location will be within two miles, where there are 80,726 adults, representing around 6,600 possible players per week and a potential admission of 9,900 per week. The existing clubs within this immediate catchment area account for 6,400 weekly admissions, leaving a market gap of 3,500. Together with an estimated 1,000 admissions retained from the existing club, the market gap within two miles is 4,500 admissions.

The nearest Gala Club to the new location is seven miles away and this club draws from a completely different catchment area.

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