Relocating A Gala Club
A Gala Group case study

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Page 5: Membership Information Database Analysis System (MIDAS)

It is the job of marketeers to develop a close understanding of the needs of their customers. They can then develop services that meet their needs more precisely than their competitors. It is important that they understand why customers make decisions, who their customer groupings are, what they are looking for and how they want their service provided.

Organisations often use their own specialist systems and procedures to analyse the market opportunities provided through a new retail development. Gala Clubs uses the MIDAS computer system to provide essential data which offers a thorough understanding of the background and behaviour of its customers. It is widely used within Gala for a number of business planning issues as well as for developing new business opportunities.

One use of the MIDAS system has been to develop promotional strategies by determining the catchment areas of potential bingo players by their postcode.It also has other uses. For example, the membership administration system of the existing club in Ashton showed that, because only 13 players were drawn from Stalybridge under the SK13 postcode, a key competitor in that area is the Cosmo Bingo Club. Relocation to the new site in Ashton should increase the proportion of players from all areas, but particularly those from Stalybridge, where there are many players, but only a few currently using a Gala Club.

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