Relocating A Gala Club
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Page 2: Old Street, Ashton

Known locally as Ashton, Ashton-under-Lyne is a short distance to the east of Manchester. The bingo market in this area consists of independent clubs operating from small, former cinema premises with few development opportunities and no parking. There are currently five bingo clubs to the east of Manchester, including the Gala Club, achieving around 9,900 weekly admissions between them.

The Gala club currently operates at Old Street, Ashton on the edge of a secondary shopping area within the premises of an old cinema, which has limited facilities and no parking. The capacity for the cinema is 861, with 482 seats in the main auditorium and 379 in the circle area.

Secondary location means that the Gala Club is not in a prime site in the town centre. Instead it is in an old building that is not purpose built. There are many restrictions upon its use and few opportunities to further develop the club. The club is budgeted to achieve 1,100 admissions per week. Though this is still profitable as a business unit in the short-term, it only contributes a small amount to the Gala organisation. Its limited capacity has a local appeal, but does not attract many players from surrounding areas close to Ashton where there is a much larger potential market to play bingo.

Demographics involve the scientific analysis of population statistics that can be classified in a number of different ways including:

  • age
  • sex
  • incomelocation
  • race
  • educational background.

They are particularly useful for decision-makers who can then use them to plan ahead and make accurate predictions. Demographic analysis of Ashton and its surrounding areas showed that there is a high propensity to play bingo in this part of the country which is well above the national average - 8.1 per cent compared to a UK average of 6.3 per cent. With more than 80,726 adults within a two-mile radius of Ashton, this means that there is a potential admisions base of 9,900 customers a week.

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